Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense including DWI,DUI,any violent assault, sex crimes or other criminal charges do not even let it cross your mind that you can defend yourself in court against these serious charges.

Why Hire a Criminal Attorney?

We all look for professional help when medical problems arise or when we have to repair a complicated piece of machinery. Hiring a professional criminal attorney to save you from jail or a lengthy prison sentence is no different.

It is important to hire a a professional criminal attorney to assist you in any and all legal proceedings when it comes to your freedom.

Have a look at the top 10 reasons to hire a criminal attorney below if you need further convincing:

  1. Understanding the Law: A criminal attorney has spent several years studying law, many lawyers who practice in criminal law have had great mentors and numerous cases with which to defend. You need to think about hiring a seasoned attorney. Good criminal lawyers have taken additional coursework and of course the bar exam which allow them to register with the bar and/or law societies so they can practice. There are so many aspects to the law that your defense attorney must be knowledgeable of. The prosecutor that will face you in court knows the law, so should your defense attorney. It makes a lot more sense for your defense to be conducted by someone in a similar knowledgeable position.
  2. Understanding the Evidence Presented: A prosecutor’s evidence points may not be strong enough or perhaps they have not followed the correct chains of custody. A good criminal defense attorney will identify these errors and weaknesses and be able to counter a greater defense during your trial. Your attorney may be able to have evidence suppressed and force a prosecutor to work harder in convicting you of your alleged crime.
  3. Meeting Court and Filing Deadlines: It is important that certain deadlines are met when filing paperwork. A knowledgeable and professional defense lawyer will be aware of these. They will make sure that there are no loopholes or missed deadlines.
  4. Negotiating Plea Bargains: Often in many cases it is not necessary to go through a complete trial. Your attorney may be able to get you a plea deal which may lessen your sentence and their costs. A criminal lawyer will negotiate with a prosecutor on your behalf. This could result in no jail time, possible a reduced sentence or even simple probation if the case warrants this. If you are truly guilty and may be looking at prison time, it would be wise to consider a plea bargain. It will not only save you from having to go to prison for a longer sentence, but also allow you to be with your family sooner. You’ll be back to work living a normal life faster than you expect. When you plead guilty to a crime, it does a few things:
    • Saves the county or federal court money in processing your entire case should it go to trial
    • Allows the prosecutor to win the case, which is what most prosecutors want… a win on their record (while saving the taxpayer costs).
    • Offers you the opportunity to get back to your life, working and being with your family.

  5. Professional Advisers: A criminal lawyer can assist you in getting together a team of professional advisers and consultants. If you hire an attorney in your area they will know who to contact to be an expert witness or investigator on your behalf.
  6. Initial Consultation: Many attorneys are happy to meet with you and listen to your case. They usually do not charge for this initial consultation and can advise on the way forward. It’s always best to get an approximate cost of services you’ll need to fight your legal battle.
  7. Clean Record: A criminal attorney can help keep your criminal history clean. They can help win your case, have a felony dropped down to a misdemeanor or even have charges dismissed so that you will have a clean record which makes living a normal life much easier. You’ll be allowed to vote and have other rights of citizens without felony records.
  8. Protect you from the Prosecution: The distinct advantages of hiring a criminal lawyer who practices in your area is that they will often be familiar with the methods and weakness of the prosecutors. They can protect you also from any improper actions and help you reach a settlement much quicker.
  9. Willing to Go to Trial: It is important that you appoint an attorney who will uphold your rights and not be afraid to go to trial if it is needed. You also need this attorney to wage which course of action you should take. Keep in mind you’re paying them for their knowledge and service.
  10. Monetary Savings: You may feel that you do not want to pay a defense attorney his fees. However consider that by hiring an attorney you can get a fine lowered, a plea bargain may keep you out of jail allowing you to continue earning at your job or even save your family from having to relocate or sell property if you’re in prison.

Please do not consider attempting to defend yourself in court. Consider the possibilities listed above when hiring an attorney or at least discuss your case with a professional criminal attorney who can assist you with the best outcome of your charges.

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