Rick Perry first Governor to Exonerate A Dead Man

Posted on December 17, 2011 · Posted in Corrections News

On March 19th 2010, Rick Perry became the first governor in history to pardon a dead man.

Mr. Timothy Cole was one of the 56 innocent prisoners exonerated under then Governor Perry. A little too late… Mr. Cole died behind bars in 1999 … its noted that the real criminal had tried to confess for years. After watching this video (produced by Mother Jones) am wondering why laws haven’t been enacted to punish those who may have done something illegal in order to make and process a conviction. Was it a jailhouse rat, a dirty cop or maybe a coerced eyewitness?

I understand the statute of limitations may have run out on a crime such as perjury – but should it? If the person you lied about on the stand dies in prison, would it not then be at the very least involuntary manslaughter? Whats the price for an innocent person’s years of imprisonment and abuse these days? In Texas it appears to be a plaque…

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