How To Use Federal Prison Sentence Calculator

How To Calculate a Prison Sentence

Having spent a number of hours recoding and redesigning the Federal Prison Sentence Calculator, Jail Guide has created a video to show how simply the prison calculator works. Jail Guide also made it possible for a law firm or bail bond company to be able to embed the federal prison calculator within their own sites using a simply copy/paste embed code as listed on the Federal Prison Sentence Calculator page. Introduces the new and improved “Federal Prison Sentence Calculator”

[ad name=”NEWAD300x250″] If you’re headed to federal prison, you might want to know just how many days you may be serving in the FBOP facility. Being a good inmate and following all the rules is essential to earning good time credits. Take into consideration the more time you’re a great prisoner, the faster you will be home.

You could be back to your family, work or school sooner than you imagine. Follow the guidelines of the prison facility and you’ll see quality results. View the prison calculator below to determine what kind of time you may be left with once good time is earned.


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