How Cash Bail Works

This is unlike a bail bond, property bond or surety bond – a cash bail bond is exactly that – the full cash amount of the bond. So if the bond were $100,000 your family would need to bring a check for that entire amount to the court. There are instances where you would pay by real cash (US Currency) but those are for much smaller bail bonds. We have a better way to post cash bail.

Cash bail bonds and how they work

[ad name=”NEWAD300x250″] Wondering if you should hire a bail bondsman or pay the cash bail directly to the court? There are things you need to understand about cash bail and how much it will cost you. Consider using a bail bondsman. When you do, you only pay a portion of the full bond. This allows you to use the 90% savings (typically a bondsman requires 10% of the actual bond amount: see how bail works) to pay for attorney fees, get your car out of impound or other necessity.

Questions about cash bail answered:

  • What money is paid to the court? The entire bail amount is paid to the court
  • Who makes the payment? You, the accused, or the accused family or friends. But, someone must post the bond to the police department or the court. A receipt will be issued. Its best to hold this receipt in your possession while out on bond in case the computer has not been updated with the post that your bond has been paid.
  • What happens when all court appearances are made? The court or jurisdiction will refund the entire bail payment that you presented.
  • What happens if the defendant fails to show up to court? The defendant (or accused), forfeits the bail that was posted and a warrant could be issued for the defendant arrest.

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Just remember that if you decide to pay the entire amount of the cash bail to the court, you will not get that money returned until after the trial is complete. This may take several weeks depending on how large the county court is and how many cases they handle. If you decide to use a bondsman, once the trial is complete there is nothing else you need to do.

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