How Surety Bonds Work

A surety bond is typically used when bonding companies are prohibited in certain jurisdictions. Want more information on ho to get a good surety bond that will help get you out of jail fast?

Surety on The Bond and how it works

The first thing you need to know about surety bonds is how they are paid, how they’re used and if you really need one.

  • What is paid to the court?: With a surety bond, a percentage of the total bond is paid directly to the court.
  • Who makes the payment?: You, the accused, or the accused family or friends. But, someone must post the bond to the police department or the court. A receipt will be issued. Its best to hold this receipt in your possession while out on bond in case the computer has not been updated with the post that your bond has been paid.
  • What happens when all court appearances are made?: The court will return the percentage that was submitted for the bond.
  • What happens if the defendant fails to show up to court?: The percentage paid is subsequently forfeited and a warrant may be issued for the defendant’s arrest.

Do you need a surety bond?

If you’re hiring a bail bondsman for your surety bond, it’s going to cost 10% of the entire bond amount. That’s where the “surety” comes in. If you need a surety bond then your bail is probably quite high.

If your bail is only $1000 to $3000 we suggest you simply post cash bail with the city or county you were arrested in. If you post cash for your bond, you’ll get the entire amount returned after your trial or if you plead out. With a bondsman, the 10% you give them will not be returned. That’s the cost of doing business.

Note, the bondsman does not get to keep the entire 10% bond payment; realize they have to give a portion of that to the surety company (insurance company) they are assigned to. They also have office costs, labor costs plus other additional costs.

If you need a surety bond, visit to locate a bondsman in your state.

5 Replies to “How Surety Bonds Work

  1. I am wondering how other bonds work and if a surety bond can be made into a cash bond or even if that is possible? Also, will you be having a bail bond directory on Jail Guide in the near future?

  2. We just want to say thank you for this interesting article on how bonds work! Thank you so much for posting it online. Our family is in some serious trouble and we really enjoyed the uplifting your article gave – Peace, Joy.

    1. Until the case is resolved, they keep the money, theres no less flight risk now than there was before..once the case is resolved you get the money back in normally less than 90 days, but only once its resolved.

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