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Since we are about to push out the updates for the book on how to market a bail bond company and law firm online, we have decided to open up advertising on our state pages to qualifying bail bond companies and law firms. It’s a very simple wherein we use your keywords to create a perfect, natural link back to your site.

The following is what we propose:

  1. There will be only 1 listing for each field on the state pages. Example: On the Florida Inmate Search page there is only one (1) listing for a bail bond company. No other bail bond company or law firm will be listed on the page.
  2. We’ll use a text link to promote your firm using the keywords provided.
    Example: “If you need a quality law firm in California, please visit Name of Your Firm
    Or something of that nature. If you have a 234×60 or 468×60 banner ad you wish displayed instead we can do that.
  3. This listing will be good for one year.
  4. You will be notified 30 days prior to your ad expiring, if you don’t wish to renew the company on the waiting list will be notified.
  5. An additional listing on our Bail Bond page (via the Bail Bond Calculator)
  6. An additional listing on our sister site PrisonLinks.org
  7. The cost is a very low $15 per month for all 3 links.

JailGuide Inmate SearchWe know the importance of getting proper links back to your site and using our pages to do so will surely help. You have to keep within the niche you are promoting and JailGuide does just that with perfectly optimized pages and good ranking. Of course, all advertisers will also get a free copy of our online marketing book once it is fully complete.

Some state pages have already been sold, so please contact us as soon as possible to secure your position. Contact us today for more information

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