What citation do you have that arrest warrants are good forever

Minnesota warrants

I am in Minnesota. Can you show me any documentation or any kind of citation that arrest warrants are good forever.. A state statute, a case etc Thx

Answer: Sorry I looked for Minnesota warrant information and statutes of limitation for a warrant, and this is all I found. It is my opinion that warrants never go away unless done so by a judges hand or an arrest is made.

If there are any attorneys or bondsmen out there that can answer this question please comment. To the writer of this question, if you are worried about your warrant(s) contact a bondsman in Minnesota that can walk you through helping you turn yourself in.

Here is the information I have found thus far:

Bench warrants do not expire and are active until the person is either taken into custody or the issuing judge withdraws it. Warrants don’t have statutes of limitations but are controlled by the statute of limitations for the crime which is alleged. A warrant lasts in the system indefinitely, although it can be dropped due to lack of information on a case.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, and we are not lawyers and certainly not your lawyer. You have to find your own local lawyer to get legal advice and help with your legal issue.

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