Bail Bond Calculator

A bail bond calculator is a necessary tool for any person who finds themselves in jail awaiting a hearing or trial on a felony or misdemeanor bond, but also for loved ones and friends who need to bail someone out of jail. The bail bonds can be surety bonds, cash bonds or property bonds.

JailGuide Bail Bond Calculator now calculating Felony and Misdemeanor Bonds

JailGuide had the idea of creating a bail bond calculator but needed some input from some bonding companies. Most importantly the charges for a felony or misdemeanor played an important role in building the bond calculator as costs differed across the board.

Not all states, and counties for that matter, use the same bond amount and also discovering that different charges may yield different bond amounts, we needed a way to address this bond calculator problem. the simplest way of course was to ask the person using the calculator what the charge was, a felony or misdemeanor.

Its been a couple of months since work began and we are proud to unveil it. Simply look to your right and you’ll see the JailGuide BailBond Calculator. Simple to use; Choose whether or not the bailbond is a felony or misdemeanor, then input the dollar amount (do not use “$” in the amount box).

You’ll then be taken to the bail bond amount page where you’ll see your bond amount plus any suggestions we may have for you concerning the bond. If you cannot afford the bond you could always get a quick loan to help pay the costs. If you need a quick loan to help pay for the costs of a bail bond, please visit a bondsman for bail bond financing.

If you are a bail bonding company and wish to use our bond cost calculator on your bail bond website; or are an attorney and wish to use the bailbond calculator on your legal website, please contact JailGuide.

* Disclaimer: the bail bond rates may not be accurate as rates are different for each state and each county. Contact a qualified bail bond company for the rate in your area.

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