Survive Prison as a White Collar Criminal

White Collar Criminal

As horrendous as it may seem to some people a crime is a crime… is a crime. As a white collar criminal, some don’t believe what they’ve done is worthy of jail time. Some white collar criminals believe that white collar crime should simply be a matter of a civil case. No matter the severity, no matter the number of victims. It only takes one victim for something to be considered a crime. Be that victim a white collar criminal themselves.

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Jail House Poker

Prison Poker vs Jail Poker

When you are incarcerated at any facility, one of the most important things you can do is to find a way to spend your time constructively while making acquaintances and getting to know facts about certain people in population. The question is, how do you make friends in prison? Do you just walk up to someone, stick out your hand, and say “Hi, I’m a new inmate”? Good luck with that approach. We’ll dive right in to getting to know people and doing so playing great jail house poker or prison poker

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