Is RDAP Real

Is the federal RDAP program for real

I am new here and don’t know much about RDAP. I got a 48 month sentence and am due to self-surrender shortly. I heard about the federal RDAP program and might get 18 months off (so I’ll do 30 months – good time). What do I need to do to get it? Any help getting back to the wife and kids quicker is a blessing.

I called a couple of RDAP consultants but find they are really expensive. The first RDAP consultant I called did give me a guarantee I would get in to the federal program, but, I don’t want to have to use them unless I really have to. Any information on the federal program or halfway house or how to get in would be great.

I do have a severe drinking problem if that helps and got a DUI while on pre-trial. I’m nervous, scared and really don’t know where to turn for answers. I hope you can help. Thanks again.

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