20 Most Dangerous Prisons in America

Dangerous Prisons America

At JailGuide, we often get questions about prison and some stick out. Like the question from a reader who is headed to a state prison facility and wanted to know if the prison was dangerous. So we decided to put together a list after chatting with a few former prison residents. These are just 20 of the most dangerous prisons in America.

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Visiting someone in prison this summer: What you should and shouldn’t wear

Prison Visitation Dress Code Rules

Why visit an inmate and what to wear and why

Prison visitation is a big deal to both the inmate and the family or friend visiting an inmate. But there are dress codes and rules of conduct you must adhere to. Having one of our loved ones, family members or friends end up in jail or prison can be a very challenging and difficult situation to go through. When this definitive setback occurs within the relationship between you and your loved one, it is easy to be afraid or to don’t even consider a prison visitation in the future. Our imagination can drag us to judge and think that we will expose ourselves to danger while visiting inmates in prison. Proper attire is regarded as a condition of admission to a Federal prison or State Department of Corrections facility, and this is why.

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Diesel Therapy and Surviving the Long Ride To Prison

Diesel Therapy

Diesel Therapy. We got asked this question a few days ago and are attempting to describe the exactness of the term. What does this term mean to those of you who never spoke it? What do you believe it to be? In the comments section I am eager to hear what you at first thought it meant – the responses are always interesting. Please don’t copy one another – this is going to be a great experiment.

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An Inmate Talks To Business Insider Over An Illegal Cell Phone About Working The Jailhouse Black Market

Prison Cellphone

There is a long and sordid tradition of business going on in American prisons. The isolated consumer base, the high demand for goods, the excruciatingly limited supply — it’s a hothouse of entrepreneurial finesse, extreme risk — and obscene returns.

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