10 Best Federal Prisons in The United States

Have you ever wondered what the federal prison experience is like to high-profile criminals? Well it accurately varies a lot depending on which prison they end up in. Many safe prisons within the U.S. offer interesting , productive activities and recreation for federal inmates, which could improve their time behind bars.

The 10 Best Federal Prisons in The United States To Be Incarcerated

Here are the 10 best prisons in the United States to be Incarcerated:

  1. FPC Montgomery: The Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, Alabama has lots of activities inside the prison available for well-behaved inmates, such as pool tables, music playing rooms and sports fields. The best perk would be the opportunity for inmates to work outside of the campus. This prison’s job programs offer gardening and landscaping duties at the Maxwell Air force base. There are also opportunities for taking courses on Psychology, Art and Foreign languages.
  2. FPC Penascola: The prison at Florida’s Pensacola Naval station offers jobs inside and outside of the campus to qualifying prisoners. Movie nights and sport tournaments are also organized to keep inmates entertained and busy.
  3. FPC Yankton: This Federal Prison at North Dakota allows convicts to take on voluntary non-profit duties outside of the campus, which serves for their humanity and sanity. Sport tournaments, art and music lessons and library access are still an option for those who don’t meet outside activities criteria.
  4. FCI Morgantown: This stand-alone prison in West Virginia was initially a youth correctional facility. The Fairmont State College offers degrees in business administration to inmates who put in the time and effort. Courses in computer science, photography, and plumbing are also available, as well as physical disciplines such as pool and ping pong.
  5. FPC Alderson: This Federal camp located in West Virginia offers plenty of opportunities to its female inmates, such as pool swimming, talent competitions, sports tournaments and roller skating.

  6. FCI Sheridan: One of the pros for this Federal camp situated in Oregon is the broad nature that surround it. There are also plenty of sports tournaments organized within the institution, and opportunities to be trained in fitness, construction and design.
  7. USP Lewisburg: The staff and team that operate and run this Federal prison is known to have a wonderful life balance and quality, which makes this camp special. Fishing and hunting are usual practices for them and that appears to keep them happy.
  8. FCI Sandstone: This facility in the north of Minneapolis is also know to count with competent and professional staff. Inmates enjoy artistic actives like leather crafting and painting. Sports are quite familiar in there as well.
  9. Taft Correctional Institution: This camp in California characterizes for being open and friendly with the inmate’s families. There is a good familiar environment as they run attractive parenting and visiting programs.
  10. FCI Dublin: The female camp in California offer inmates jobs and duties to provide maintenance to the military base in which the camp is situated on. This Institution is also know for having a collective positive and progressive attitude.

While serving a prison sentence in a federal facility could be a hard time for low-level offenders, it also represents a time for reflection and self improvement if they manage to land in a federal camp. The only way to do so is if the crime is minimal and if you work your way down. Meaning, when you start your prison sentence, you’re placed in a maximum environment. Being a model inmate allows the opportunity to possible be remanded to a low security prison facility.

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