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Do you have a lost relative or loved one in the prison system and don't know where they are? Use the Jail Guide free inmate search & prison locator open to the public.

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Welcome to the worlds largest inmate search website to find inmates using our free Inmate Search and Locator tool. Jailguide.com was designed and built to answer all questions about how to find prison Inmates and locate prisons. We have built the largest database encompassing all Department of Corrections (DOC), Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP), state prisons, county jails, work camps, honor farms and boot camps.

Not only did we list prisons in the United States but we also listed prisons in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia!

How frustrating it was when we tried to find an inmate only to see that the prison link was out of date and didn't work. Not to mention trying to find out information about a prison inmate in another country! So we began to build the largest database of prisons in the Internet and also how to search for prisons and find out everything you need to know about visiting an Inmate.

In order to find lost friends and loved ones, you have to know where to start. Our free inmate search database is open to the public and offers thousands of links to thousands of prisons all over the world. Starting your free search is simple; and you need only to choose whether you think the inmate is in a county jail, state prison (DOC), federal prison (FBOP) or prisons in countries other than the United States prison system

Inmate Lookup & Jail Guide Video

With listings of every prison in the world, the free inmate search by country will give you a great deal of prison information. We have translated all country prison information to English and created a video on how our inmate locator works in this video.

The following YouTube video describes how to use the Jail Guide Inmate Lookup System and offers tips on how to find someone faster in any jail or prison.

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