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About Why Jail Guide Was Built

Built for the families of people in jail or prison, our hope is to help them reconnect by offering a worldwide free inmate search and locator system.

About the Jail Guide Free Inmate Search System

JailGuide.com has put together a complete compilation of inmate search tools and site utilities to help you in your search for answers about how prisons work and how to maneuver through this unknown legal territory. We have included just about every prison in the world in our Prison Database, how to videos, tutorials, handbooks, guidebooks, visitor information and sentence calculators. Please use the sitemap for the site as well look to the side for more informative pages about prison.

Some viewers (and critics) have questioned why we created this prison inmate search site. Why we created the Prison Sentence Good Time Calculator and the inmate search system. We would like to offer that the prison sentence calculator is used for people who strive to do better for themselves as well find out how much time off a prison sentence can be earned by doing good.

It is also for the families of inmates. We watched how some people would show up to a prison visiting area only to be turned away or wonder why they weren't allowed to bring certain items (like food) into the facility. So with our prison inmate search we included the "Visitors Guides" of most major prisons and jails from around the world.

Our inmate search system also allows the family to monitor the movement of their loved one through the inmate search utility so often families get torn apart and the "not knowing" of the whereabouts of a family member can be haunting.

To our critics; this site is not just for the prison inmate, or soon to be prison inmate; this site is also intended for the victims of crime, law enforcement and the general public. It's simply for those people who wish to know how long an inmate will be in custody. It also allows them to know where the inmate is being held at any given time, thus giving most crime victims a sense of security.

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Going to prison, even county jail, is a very trying time - for you and for your family. What gets to people most is certainly fear of the unknown.

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