How Long Does a Warrant Last

Warrant Lasts Forever

A criminal warrant typically lasts until that person is either apprehended and brought to face the charges against them or they pass away. This article might help you to discover if running from your warrant and skipping bail is a solid idea. It isn’t by the way… but please read on:

If you were wondering how long a criminal warrant will last… warrants are usually forever. That is to say any legal criminal warrant against you is active up until the time the warrant is served, some high power politician removes it, you die or you turn yourself in and present yourself to the courts to face your charges. A criminal warrant is basically a way to make you come to a court of law to answer charges against you.

Wondering How Long a Warrant Lasts in the USA?

Unless you’re a politicians kid or are Keith Richards and the governor of Arkansas decides to clear your warrant so you will visit their fine state, or you have passed away, then yeah… a warrant for your arrest is forever.

It’s our opinion that if you have a warrant you really need to get a good bonding company and turn yourself in with your bondsmen along side of you. By having all of your information and possible bond paid in advance, you probably won’t spend too much time in jail and will be out quicker than those that were not prepared.

Warrants never go away and thinking that by not getting caught for a few years will make them disappear; think again. Don’t stick your head in the sand – be proactive about your future.

People who have been on the run for years are eventually caught and brought back to the jurisdiction where the warrant was made active. Could you imagine looking over your shoulder every day of your life while on the run? Many people have and there are a number JailGuide has reported on that were on the run for decades. The latest capture was James Whitey Bulger and others include Judy Lynn Hayman (on the run for 37 years), Paul Jackson (on the run for 24 years) and Frank Freshwaters who was on the run for almost 56 years!

Well, for those people who think they can run forever, we have put together some tips for you.

Have a warrant? There are a few things you need to consider if you are going to make a run for it:

  1. While on the run be sure to wear good clean clothes you would want to get arrested in. We suggest not only clean clothes but follow your mom’s advice and wear clean underwear… and your finest socks. Because every day you step out your front door is a day you may be apprehended. Dress to impress!
  2. Now that you’re on the run you’ll probably need some cash. You’ll need things like food, lodging, fuel etc. Don’t contact your family for this cash – let them save their cash for your bond when you get caught. Instead plan on buying limited food, limited lodging and a whole lot of walking.
  3. You will become the best driver in the world and if you aren’t driving, make sure the driver is better than you! One mistake in a vehicle you are driving or riding in will certainly bring the attention of a police cruiser. Not to mention if an officer is driving behind you…
    So, wear your seatbelt, don’t speed, use your signals and pray your vehicle doesn’t break down on the side of some busy highway and blocking traffic. Also pray that the other drivers on the road are the very best drivers they can be and will not hit you, or cause you to hit them…
  4. Clean the windows in your home or wherever you are staying. You’ll probably find yourself looking out your windows a lot now… it’s a good idea to be able to see out of them clearly.
  5. Hey, although we mentioned above that its going to take some cash to stay hidden, while on the run try to eat only the best food and drink the best wine – because when you are eventually caught, county lockup has only the best bologna sandwiches and truly the finest vintage kool aid. It will help you to relive your fine dining experiences while choking down what your local jail has to feed you. You might as well hand over your corn and biscuit to the inmate sitting next to you – he is probably going to take it anyway.
  6. Say goodbye to your parents, siblings, friends, wife, husband, children, grandparents… hmmm – forget it – just leave a note. Once you are on the run forget about making contact with the people you love and cherish. Don’t make them an accomplice to your crime or… witnesses. If you have decided to take your family with you on the run, you should really prepare them for the day you are pulled over (because of a driver who was not as good as you…) and ordered from the car. At least walking backwards to the sound of the officers voice you’ll be able to see your children crying and screaming as they look at you from the rear window of the car…
  7. We can’t stress this enough – stay the hell off Facebook and Twitter! Unless you really need people to know what you had for breakfast and where (especially people looking for you) then go for it. Your online social status needs to be devoid of any social standing other than the occasional friend asking where you are on some other friend’s wall. But, people enjoy being social butterflies so we also suggest having friends who are competent lawyers and bondsmen.
  8. Just let the paranoia seep in. Its going to happen anyway. Every car will be a cop car and every person in a uniform, regardless if they are FedEx drivers or USPS mail carriers, will be the police. So, don’t relax for a moment – stay on edge and let that refreshing wave of panic wash over you every time a police cruiser (or what you thought was a police cruise but turned out to be a senior citizen on their way to bingo who happens to have a blue car…) pulls up beside you at every traffic light. Eyes front now; take a deep breath… panic…

The point of this semi-informative article was to help point out that you can never truly run from your past legal troubles. You will eventually be caught and you may get a larger bond amount if you are considered a flight risk. Besides, not many bondsmen will take your money unless they know your co-signer has something of value to cover your bond when you run again.

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