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Prison Glossary Terms With Jail Slang

Prison glossary of terms from Handler to House Restriction including some inmate slang. This page consists of prison glossary terms starting with the letter H.

Prison Glossary of Terms That Start With "H"


Handler: A DOC employee of, or facility assigned canine handler, who handles, controls, and/or directs a trained dog, owned or under the control of the Department, and who has received a certificate of training from the inspector general. The handler is required to log, track, and maintain accurate canine records and veterinarian records.

Health Care Refusal: Refusal of an appointment, procedure, scheduled pre-op/post-op visit, hospitalization, testing, x-ray or follow-up visit.

Health Record: A complete, concise, legal record of the health care, evaluation, and treatment an offender receives while under the management of the DOC. The record contains data from all patient service disciplines, i.e., medical, mental health, dental, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical (medications), optometry, and hospital and infirmary inpatient care. The health record is maintained by the health care DOC employees and contract workers at the facility where the care is provided.

High Profile Offender: An offender identified by the DOC who, because of a particular circumstance, may attract media or public attention.

High Risk Offender: An offender who has displayed or has documentation identifying STG affiliation; history of escape or escape paraphernalia; history of assaultive behavior toward DOC employees, contract workers, volunteers, or other offenders; administrative segregation; high profile media; P4 or P5; life without parole; the death penalty; or any other factor as determined by the administrative head.

HIV Positive: Refers to those individuals who have been confirmed to carry the HIV virus by current appropriate testing methods.

HIV-Seropositive: Confirmed seropositivity (i.e., confirmed presence of antibodies to HIV) means that an individual has been infected by the AIDS virus. Most seropositive individuals may be able to transmit infection to others through specific behaviors, even if they never develop symptoms themselves.

Holding Agency: Any agency, other than the DOC, which has custody of the fugitive.

Hostage: Any individual who is held against his/her will by another person for any reason.

House Arrest: Is an alternative release program of home incarceration. The inmate is released under intensive electronic supervision. Same as House Restriction.

House Restriction: Confines the offender to his/her place of residence, suspending any free or recreation time.

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