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Prison Technical Terms and Glossary

A full glossary of prison technical terms including Technical Parole Violator to Treatment. This informational page consists of some DOC terms starting with the letter T.

Prison Technical Terms Begin With "T"


Tactical Commander: The DOC employee who has command authority over the Emergency Response Team. This person reports directly to the incident commander.

Technical Parole Violator (TPV): An offender whose parole has been revoked by the Parole Board for one or more violations of parole conditions, other than a new felony conviction, or an offender who requests revocation and has no new felony convictions.

Temporary Placement: The placement of an offender in any county or city detention facility pending court appearances or regressive movement when an EAO has not been assigned.

Temporary Release: A temporary release for purposes preparatory for return to the community.

Tobacco Products: Includes cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco, tobacco substitutes, chewing tobacco, cigars, matches, cigarette lighters, smoking paraphernalia, and all other items developed or processed for the primary purpose of facilitating the use or possession of tobacco or tobacco-related products.

Total Expungement: The removal and destruction of a document or documents.

Transfer Request Form: The document produced to initiate investigation of interstate parole transfer with a compact state.

Translator: A person qualified to communicate in a foreign language.

Transport/Restraint Chair: A specifically manufactured chair used to safely and securely transport an offender from one area to another. The chair has two separate functions. The title and use are based upon an offender's actions and resistance.

Transport Shoes: Notched state issue shoes that are oversized with no shoe strings. The shoes are white, red, blue or orange. All medically approved shoes are authorized to be worn during transports.

Transportation Coordinator: An administrative assistant assigned to the Division whose duties include coordinating the movement of parolees to the CMRC parole hearings unit.

Transportation Unit: A unit of community parole officers, under the direction of the deputy director of Operations, responsible for the transportation of offenders supervised by the Division of Adult Parole, Community Corrections, and YOS, both within and outside the state. When approved by the deputy director of Operations, this unit may be involved in the transportation of other persons.

Travel Plan: Transportation arrangement that an offender will utilize in order to proceed to a receiving state.

Treatment: The relationship and activities between a mental health clinician and an offender with the goal of bringing about change in the offender's attitudes and behaviors that result in favorable, pro-social adjustment.

Treaty Nation: A country that has entered into a treaty with the United States on the execution of penal sentences.

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