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Alabama Inmate Search

Alabama inmate search of most Federal and ADOC facilities offers a free way to find an inmate in state prisons and county jails of Alabama.

Alabama Inmate Search

Alabama Inmate Search and Prison Locator

Alabama State Seal

The Alabama penitentiary system began in 1839 and has grown into a large sophisticated prison system. The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) has grown into a medium-size correctional system employing over 3,400 employees with an inmate population approaching 26,000+ prisoners. In the following years to come, ADOC will continue to grow in size, and in complexity of services, offering many long-term opportunities to its employees and the communities in which it serves. Alabama Department of Corrections does have an inmate locator on their site and you can certainly use theirs or ours below.

Use the information below to begin your Alabama inmate search from the privacy of your home or mobile device. This database of prisons is a free service provided by Jail Guide.

Alabama Federal Inmate Search

Click here to conduct a search of all Search By Federal PrisonFederal Bureau of Prisons in Alabama. You will first be asked which county you wish to search then once you have chosen the appropriate county you can then select the FBOP prison facility.

Alabama State Inmate Search

Click here to search all of the Search By State Prison state prison facilities. You will first be asked which county you wish to search then once you have chosen the county you can then select the prison or jail you are searching for.

Alabama County Jail Inmate Search

Click here to lookup all the Search By Alabama County Jail county jails in Alabama. The following page will list all of the counties in Alabama, you then simply choose the county where you believe the jail is located. All sheriff department county jails and private jail facilities will be listed for that county.

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